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We provide extremely high quality brickwork services from highly skilled, qualified, experienced and dedicated craftsmen. We are renowned for our high quality lime pointing repairs and our ability to match existing brickwork.

 The Warning Signs

Brickwork will decay over time if a building isn’t properly maintained. You should inspect a brick building regularly and deal with any signs of decay before bigger problems emerge. You must address the causes of decay as well as the symptoms.


Brickwork is tough and durable, but it is continuously exposed to the elements and over time the mortar that holds the bricks together and even the bricks themselves will start to wear and crumble.

Wind and rain erode the mortar, water gets inside, icy temperatures will cause the water to freeze and the pointing mortar will crack, patches of pointing will blow. Potentially damp to penetrate into your buildings substrate – the weather can have any number of consequences for your brickwork.




A masonry structure gives a house a feeling of solidity, as the density of the blocks provides a high level of acoustic mass, helping to deaden noise outside the building. Building internal partition walls from masonry, as opposed to timber stud walls covered with plasterboard, will further enhance the feeling of solidity and provide sound deadening between rooms.