No one can argue with the fact that an oak finish is beautiful, the misconception is that a solid timber frame simply could not support a structure in the same way as its steel counterpart. Oak framing is currently very fashionable. It is unique in that it is a means of building in which the structure is visible both inside and outside.

Ideal for open plan living!


Bespoke, hand crafted and uniquely designed, an exposed timber frame offers the character, beauty and aesthetic that many people crave in their home and which is missing from so many modern buildings.

Strong and stable by design, an oak frame carries its load effortlessly, without the need for many load-bearing walls. This allows for wide, open plan spaces, often with high or vaulted ceilings.

Whilst oak framing is a centuries old construction method, it is extremely adaptable and lends itself to modern designs and is an ideal method for sustainable and energy efficient options. With an oak frame, you can show off the natural beauty of the wood, whilst creating an opportunity for energy efficient construction.

In stress tests it becomes obvious that steel is over 3 times stronger than green oak, but what also needs to be remembered is that steel is 10 times heavier, and as such the strength / weight ratio of clear dry oak is superior to steel. One of the key advantages this provides is a lighter building; especially beneficial to foundations that feature poor ground conditions.


Do you have these problems
  • Decaying and/or deteriorating timber structures?
  • Dry rot fungal attack (Serpula Lacrymans)?
  • Wet rot attack from moisture (Coniophora puteana)?
  • Fire damage to timber framing?
  • Suffering from woodboring insect attack or infestation?
  • Want to restore painted timber areas to original glory?

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